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New Outside. Same Inside.

We are excited to announce Centrum Multivitamins will be moving to a new label and carton design, from May 2022.

What is changing?

The Centrum Multivitamin labels and cartons design have been updated to give our entire range a more consistent look and feel on shelf, and to make it easier for you to navigate our range and choose the product most suitable for you and your family.

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When will it happen?

As we transition to new labels and cartons commencing May 2022, you might see both old and new versions of your favourite Centrum products on shelf throughout the rest of the year. Rest assured that our premium ingredients and product quality will remain the same, so you can feel confident purchasing either type of packaging.


Your latest products look different – have you changed them?

Centrum Multivitamins is evolving its current label & carton design. Over the next two years, Centrum will transition all of its existing Multivitamin range to feature these new designs. During this time, you may see the same products with the old and new labels on the shelf.

Will your formulations also change?

Whilst the outside may look slightly different, our premium quality formulations will remain the same.

Why are you changing your packaging and label?

the new Centrum Multivitamin design will give our range a more consistent look and feel on shelf, making it easier for you to choose the product that suits you and your family.

When will the new look Centrum packaging and label design start appearing on shelf?

The transition is likely to take two or more years as we sell through our current stock in the existing design and transition to our new labels & cartons.

You are likely to see both current and refreshed versions on shelf at the same time. No matter what the label design is, the quality of our products remains, so you can feel confident purchasing either.

Featured Products



A daily multivitamin formulated for both men and women.



Advance 50+

A once-a-day multivitamin formulated for both men and women aged over 50 years.



for Women

A daily multivitamin formulated for women to support bone health and healthy skin & nails.



for Men

A daily multivitamin formulated for men to support muscle health and a healthy heart.

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