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Bones and joints

Healthy bones do wonders for your body!1 They keep you standing upright and protect your organs.1,2 Your joints also do an incredible job of holding all your bones together and allow us to move and stay flexible!3

Keeping your bones and joints strong

A holistic approach to healthy living is one of the best ways to maintain healthy bones and joints.1 Bones gradually lose their density as you get older, but there are some lifestyle changes you can make to help your bones and joints remain strong and healthy.4

Eating a balanced and nutritious diet can help you get the nutrients you need to keep your joints and bones healthy.5 For example, dairy foods rich in calcium such as yoghurt and cheese can help your bones maintain their strength.4,6

Keeping active is another way that can help your bones and joints stay strong. The more you use your bones, the stronger they will get!4

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Your Bone Health Regimen

Feed your joints and bones

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Devour some dairy

Calcium is important for healthy bones, and dairy foods like milk, cheese and yoghurt are full of it4,6

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Vitamin D

Vitamin D helps your body absorb calcium so it can be delivered to your bones – eggs, saltwater fish and liver are a great source of vitamin D.5 Your body can also make its own vitamin D if you just spend a little bit of time in the sun every day.4

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Eat your greens

The health benefits of leafy greens and vegetables are already well known, but these foods also have high levels of vitamin K, which is known to keep bones strong5

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Reduce salt intake

Salt can cause your body to lose calcium faster than usual – try to limit your daily salt intake, don’t add it to your food and check the labels when shopping to make sure what you buy has less than 120mg of sodium per 100g4

Benefit your bones

Young man enjoying the sun in the park.

Enjoy the sunshine

Our bodies naturally produce vitamin D (which helps our bodies absorb calcium for bone strength) when our skin is exposed to sunlight – to produce enough vitamin D try to spend a few minutes in the sun every day in the summer and a few hours throughout the week in winter4

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Drink sensibly

Fizzy drinks like cola, alcohol and coffee can reduce the amount of calcium your body absorbs and may weaken bones – try to limit these drinks where you can and if you can, swap them out for water4

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Get your body working

Exercises that make your body support its own weight and work against gravity (such as running or tennis) will encourage the bones that you use to strengthen5

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Stop smoking

Smoking can reduce bone density and can lead to easier fractures – quit smoking to help your bone health7


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