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Healthy Skin

Hair, skin and nails

We all want to look our best, and knowing all about the ways we can keep our skin glowing and our hair looking radiant makes it a lot easier!

Maintaining healthy hair, supple skin and strong nails

Did you know that there are lifestyle and diet changes that you can make that may help keep your hair healthy, your skin looking youthful and your nails strong?1-5

The benefits of healthy eating on your body are already widely known. There are certain foods that can affect how your skin, nails and hair look and age.4,5 There are also certain behaviours that you can incorporate into your everyday routine that will help keep you looking your best.1-3

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Your Beauty Wellness Regimen

What to put inside for a healthier outside

Fresh salmon being prepared.

Look after your outside with oily fish

Getting omega-3 fatty acids from oily fish may help to prevent dry skin6

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Green and yellow vegetables

In a Japanese population of women, it was found that a higher intake of green and yellow vegetables may be associated with decreased facial wrinkling5

Close up of eggs.

Support your hair and nails with biotin

Biotin is a vitamin that can support your hair and nail health. Eggs and meat are a great source of this, so eating such dishes can help contribute to the health of your nails and hair7

Close up of avocados.

Healthy fats for supple skin

Adding more healthy fats to you diet may help leave your skin feeling more elastic5

Lifestyle tips for strong skin, hair and nails

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Keep time in the sunshine short

Extended exposure to the sun can speed up the ageing process of your skin – keep out of the sun when you can and regularly wear sunscreen and a hat to protect your skin when outside2

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Nurture your nails

Taking care of your nails is important to keeping them healthy – dermatologists recommend keeping them clean and dry, trimming them regularly by cutting them straight across using sharp nail scissors and keeping them nicely shaped by filing them3

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Use conditioner on your hair after every shampoo

Regularly using conditioner can really improve the look of damaged or weathered hair by increasing its strength and making it shinier8

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Moisturise daily

Regularly moisturising will keep your skin hydrated and feeling fresh – dry skin is more likely to show wrinkles, so treat your skin well and give it the nourishment it needs2


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Healthy Skin


Did you know that there are lifestyle and diet changes that you can make that may help keep your hair healthy, your skin looking youthful and your nails strong?3-7

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