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Do you want to try to manage how you feel about relationships, relaxation and work?1 Making a few small changes to your day to day routine could help you reduce stress.1

Tips on managing stress

Everyone can feel stressed at times. A small amount can sometimes even be good for you and increase your motivation, but stress affects people in different ways.2 One of the first steps to managing stress is identifying what situations make you stressed.2 Once you understand what can make you feel stressed, you can take steps to relieve your feelings of stress.1,2 You can avoid situations that make you feel stressed, or start preparing for unavoidable situations that may stress you in advance. This way, you can start to learn to manage your stress better.1,2

A balanced lifestyle and coping strategies can help you manage stress, and there is also research that suggests that eating a nutritious diet can help you feel good!1,3

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Your Stress Wellness Regimen

Eat to beat stress

A close up of a variety of colourful vegetables.

Colour your plate with fruits and vegetables4

These slowly release energy into your body and also contain antioxidants and vitamins which can support with stress

A bowl of oats with a serving sppon.

Get your fibre fix with wholegrains (such as brown rice, oats, quinoa and corn)3

A bowl of plain low-fat yoghurt.

Feel good eating fermented foods (such as unsweetened yogurt, kimchi and kombucha)3

Fresh salmon being prepared.

Opt for oily fish (such as salmon or trout)3

Everyone has heard about the benefits of omega-3s in oily fish, and one omega-3 called DHA is important for brain performance

Stress-busting strategies

Nobody wants to feel stressed, but there are some lifestyle changes you can make that can help to reduce your levels of stress.1,4

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Try to exercise regularly1,4

It relieves tension, relaxes the mind and can even reduce anxiety – try to exercise at least three times every week for a minimum of 20 minutes

Woman sitting in a meditative pose.

Just relax1,5

You can do this in a number of ways – yoga and meditation are good, or you could try some deep breathing exercises

Happy friends high fiving.

Spend time with the people you love4

See family and friends that make you feel happy and talk about your feelings with them

Feet under grey blanket in bed.

Sleep well, and snooze that alarm1

Getting enough sleep is very important to help manage stress – if you struggle to fall asleep try and do something relaxing before bed like reading or listening to quiet music


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