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Your brain is a complex and incredible organ! It’s the control centre of your whole body.1 It keeps you alive, allows you to perform everyday tasks and manages memories.1

How to care for your memory and mind

Keeping your brain healthy and your mind sharp is important for a healthy, long life.1 In today’s world, people are living busier lives, and our brains are absorbing more and more information every single day. As a result, it can be easy to forget things from time to time.

Keeping your memory in the best condition is a bit like keeping your fitness up at the gym. Memory works like a muscle, so you need to use and train it regularly to keep it strong.2

There a number of ways you can support the health of your brain and your memory, and you can start doing this at any age.1-3 At Centrum, we recommend taking a holistic approach, incorporating vitamins and minerals with lifestyle, exercise and nutrition.

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Your Memory Wellness Regimen

Nourish your mind

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Get your green on

Green, leafy vegetables like kale, spinach and broccoli are filled with nutrients like folate and beta carotene3

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Foster your mind with fatty fish

These are full of omega-3s and healthy fats and support brain health– if you’re not a fan of fish, try taking an omega-3 supplement instead3,4

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Strawberries and blueberries contain flavonoids which can help support memory 3

Look after your brain with some lifestyle changes

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Support your mind with sleep

Sleep is very important for your brain’s health and can help with daytime functioning, alertness and cognition – sleep can even promote processes in the brain that support learning and memory1

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Benefit from brain training

Challenge your brain regularly to keep it stimulated – you can try crosswords, quizzes, games that involve memory or thinking ahead like bridge or chess, or you could even learn a new language1,2,5

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Exercising your body exercises your brain

Exercise increases your heart rate and supports blood flow and oxygen supply to the brain – physical activities that require hand-eye coordination like swimming or tennis can be beneficial for your brain2


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